As Lutherans, we celebrate two Sacraments, and they are the very heart of our community.  A Sacrament is something we do, which is commanded by God, and which promises the receipt of God’s grace.  Baptism and Holy Communion are the two rites which fit both those categories.


BAPTISM With water and Word

We Baptize because it’s what Jesus has commanded us to do! In Baptism, God has chosen us, and we believe that through the waters of Baptism we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, which grants us faith in Jesus Christ. This gift is eternal and provides forgiveness of sins and a new birth as a child of God.

In the scriptures it is clear that entire households were baptized—including children—so, we welcome and encourage parents to have their children baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As they grow in years, it is our privilege as parents to help our children learn what it means to have been “marked with the cross of Christ and sealed with the Holy Spirit.”

Be not afraid!  You are not alone in this. The church also takes great joy in helping you raise your child in the faith.  (See our children’s ministries and confirmation program).

Whether you are an adult seeking Baptism, or have a child you wish to have baptized, the first step is to contact Pastor Justin Vetrano. We are confident you will find this to be a very welcoming and accessible journey, filled with great joy!

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HOLY COMMUNION With bread and wine

At THE LIFE, we celebrate communion as often as we can, because we believe that the very true presence of Christ is in the meal. When Jesus held up the bread and wine, He said, “This is my body . . . This is my blood.” We take His word for it! We celebrate communion and believe Christ is truly present in the meal because that’s what He said.

Holy Communion is offered at all of our services and is for all baptized Christians who share our belief that Christ himself is truly present. (Note: The Chalice contains wine.  The small cups contain red wine or white grape juice.)

When we receive communion, we believe that we receive Christ and all He offers to us: forgiveness, life, and salvation. This strengthens our faith and builds up the body of Christ. Receiving communion is God reaching down to us and providing us with all that we need to live in this world and the next. If you believe this too, please come to the table and receive. If you are unsure or choose not to commune, please come up for a blessing


How old do you have to be to receive Communion?


We like to help teach our children the significance of Holy Communion they receive. This usually occurs in the 2nd grade. We offer different opportunities to meet with the Pastor to instruct children or adults on what we believe about communion. 

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