THE LIFE Lutheran Church Council is a group of elected individuals who volunteer their time and talents to serve as the governing body of the congregation.

President:  Harry Packman

President: Harry Packman

Financial Secretary:  Erika McQuade

Financial Secretary: Erika McQuade

Fellowship:  Kevin Greene

Fellowship: Kevin Greene

Worship & Music:  Tanya Chesterfield

Worship & Music: Tanya Chesterfield

First Vice President:  Ernie Zorn

First Vice President: Ernie Zorn

Secretary:  Karla Oderwald

Secretary: Karla Oderwald

Outreach:  John Bruno

Outreach: John Bruno

Youth Ministry:  Mary Canales

Youth Ministry: Mary Canales

Second Vice President:  Peter Mazer

Second Vice President: Peter Mazer

Buildings & Grounds:  Randy Beck

Buildings & Grounds: Randy Beck

Missions:  Rachel Cohen

Missions: Rachel Cohen

Treasurer:  John Mesloh

Treasurer: John Mesloh

Christian Education:  Roxanne Oellrich

Christian Education: Roxanne Oellrich

Stewardship:  Fred Gullo

Stewardship: Fred Gullo