Despite Long Island being a land of plenty for many of its residents, for others, hunger is a daily reality. Partnering with the Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN), THE LIFE helps those who need the most basic of necessities, food, by preparing and delivering one free hot meal every month to the North Shore INN in Glen Cove.

Every month volunteers shop for the supplies to make the meal—Shepherd’s Pie, including ground meat, butter, milk, cheese and onions. A second group of volunteers gathers monthly to prepare the dish. Currently, six trays, each serving 20 people, are made and delivered by additional volunteers the following day. Cooking is done the first Thursday before the first Friday of every month in the kitchen at THE LIFE. Deliveries are made the following day to the North Shore INN, located just off Glen Cove Road in Glen Cove, approximately 20 minutes from THE LIFE.

Our usual schedule is the first Thursday of each month. Volunteers to shop, cook or deliver are always welcomed. One can also support this ministry by donating funds to THE LIFE designated for Meal-A-Month.

Please email or call 516-333-3355 for additional information, or to volunteer.