Perhaps you’ve heard someone say, “The word Liturgy originally meant ‘the work of the people’.” Well, it’s still true! As we gather for worship, the work of the people begins in earnest. It takes many people to do the people’s work.


In our short lifespan as THE LIFE Church, we have learned a valuable truth: Gone are the days when a worship service is planned by a Pastor, a Deacon, and an Organist.

It takes over 20 helpful people to organize and carry out each worship service, every week. This is not a bad thing; in fact it is a very good thing. The more the people are involved in worship, the more it reflects the Kingdom of God, where all are welcome, and everyone has a part to play.


The Readers are many. We believe, teach, and preach that the Bible is the very Word of God. At each worship service we have volunteers read the Scriptures and prayers. You need not be a perfect reader or have a radio voice. All we ask is that you have a desire to read God’s word to His people. If you’d like to be a reader, speak to one of the Deacons after worship sometime.


The Ushers do more than collect the offering. They also hand out our worship folders and are the first ones to welcome people when they arrive at the service. Do you like to say hello and make people feel welcome? Then perhaps you’d like to usher sometime! Talk to one of the Deacons about helping out in this way.


The Worship Assistants are a small group of people (Deacons and others) who coordinate the logistics of our worship service. They work closely with the Pastor and assist with pastoral care; they find people to read the prayers each week, and coordinate with the Altar Guild to care for the Altar before and after the worship service. Their service makes the worship experience seamless and reverent.


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