We always welcome and encourage children to attend and participate in worship with us.  However, some parents find it challenging to bring their little ones (3 and under) to worship with them, and sometimes they just need a break to be fed by the Word of God uninterrupted on a given Sunday. 

For this reason, we offer child care during our Sunday morning service.  Responsible caretakers watch over the children in our nursery, located in one of our Day School rooms, filled with toys and activities.  Parents—knowing their young ones are cared for—can fully enter into the worship experience, knowing their young ones are cared for and entertained.  Children are reunited with their families for Communion during the worship service, so families can come to the Altar together.

If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, please let an usher know when you arrive.  (They’re the ones greeting people and handing out the bulletins at the door.)